College Culture is Creating Addicts

This brochure design was intended to reflect a social problem going on in today's society. I chose Alcoholism and explored how college culture is a big contributor to conditioning addicts as it instills bad habits in young individuals that they then can take with them after college.In doing so, I was prompted to research a great deal, collect statistical data, and narrow down a timeline.


My Design

With my design however, I was intent on making this design reflective of the dooming

nature of the disease, and the culture that surrounds it. I introduced this pale yellow to suggest sickness while also connecting it to the typical color of beer that most students indulge in.


I wanted this design to be informative, organized, and conceptually readable as the alcohol bottles themselves tell the story of the timeline. Being that there was so much information,

I was challenged to fit a great deal of the data throughout the brochure, but after condensing the information at hand, it allowed me to be able to fully bleed the photos across the pages and stand alone to better mark the troubling nature of the disease.