Northbound Amtrak Schedule 

This is a mock up redesign of the northbound Amtrak schedule. The original was very hard to read and filled with typographic clutter. I made a newer version using only one color other than black. I reorganized the information for a more clearer read.

I made design choices that caused me to isolate and acknowledge the different trains and the schedule that follows them. I removed some of the unnecessary key symbols and I was able to relieve more space allowing an easier read and understanding. 


Some of the challenges I encountered through this

re-design was trying to condense the information by necessity. Through this, I found that by removing Acela Express and Vermonter from the main time-table, it alleviated more room for the information to be clearer and of bigger size while also made the table less confusing because they were not consistent with those time schedules of Northeast Regional.


I took away some of the key symbols that I noticed were covered for all the trains and not just some and made a separate key stating those. (This made the key smaller, and made more sense for the visual flow of how the information would be attained.


Then lastly, I put all the train numbers in numerical order, and cleaned up the typography, and reduced the amount colors to a light opacity blue. This opened up the schedule and made it easier on the eyes in combination with the information.