This is a mockup redesign of the Illusion Museum in New York City. This design was intended to reflect the deceptive nature of illusions by playing on the history of illusions created with simple repetitive lines as seen throughout time.

of Peace

This was a magazine spread design for the schools annual Scene and Heard Magazine. The magazine topic for the year I designed it was Peace. I was challenged to design a spread and a half that reflected my views on peace, whether literally or metaphorically.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 1.56.48 PM.png
Inspiration and Challenges

I was inspired to combine a project that I had been working on that reflected an abstract view of Pieces of peace, which

I hand made from wire, cotton balls, cardboard, and thin strips of silver garland. The series of these handmade posters made for great imagery in contrast with my curated types that served to resemble the ways in which there is peace all around us if we open ourselves up to it. I struggled with finding a way to arrange the imagery without disrupting the body copy, but was able to pull out shapes and allike forms from the art to serve as a balanced contrast, while also lowering the opacity to the images in the background to provide texture.