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Tomatina Festival

This is a branding redesign of the Tomatina Festival in Bunol, Spain. I designed a playful logo that represented the “splat” nature of the festival's tomato throwing activities

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Tomatina Festival, is a festival in Bunol, Spain that happens every year on the last wednesday of August. People from all over the world gather and prepare 140,0000 kg of tomatoes that are then thrown at each other for a big food fight. 

There are many theories as to why this festival became what is it. But the most common theory is that it started as a small act of protesting at one of their elections and from there it grew into the celebration it is now. 

The festival’s tradition begins with a full size ham tied to the top of a pole in which the people have to climb to the top and slap the ham. This is the initiating the begining of the fight. They are given an hour from that point to throw and toss tomatoes at one another. At the end the streets are hosed down with water and people continue to celebrate and party at nearby restaurants and bars. 

Visual Research
My Design

I was challenged to design posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise for the festival.

I incorporated a splattered yet detail oriented set of posters for the festival while also I was able to design t-shirts that were reflective of the festival's essence that also carried the intention of getting really messy at the festival.

logo sketches

print piece: